“Working with Keith Nelson/Your Total Coach was a great way to gain an insight into our editorial production process. With Keith working on a group exercise with us all, we were able to see where processes could be improved and new ways of working created. It was a great day and much enjoyed by all who participated.”

from Chris Young

Editor, RHS Media, Royal Horticultural Society

Be a coach

Help others reach their potential

If there’s one thing that’s a certainty it is that there will always be change. The individuals best-equipped to respond to change, particularly in an economic downturn, will be the ones who continually update their relevant skills. The companies which encourage employees to develop and learn will have more flexibility in the face of an uncertain future.

The benefits of coaching

  • Supports changes in attitudes and behaviour that can translate into more effective performance at work.
  • Provides people with feedback on both their strengths and areas for development.
  • Helps promote individual self-awareness and self-management.

Train to be a Coach

By training to be a coach not only will you be able to identify and commit to personal and performance goals, and understand the barriers that may be limiting your effectiveness, but you’ll be able to share this knowledge in your organisation and train others to be coaches to help develop a coaching programme that can be rolled out organically across the company.

Your Total Coach is a leading provider of ILM courses including the following:

Introduction to Coaching

Level 3 Award in Workplace Coaching for Team Leaders and First Line Managers

Level 5 Certificate for Professional Workplace Coaches

The Manager as Coach

Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

Level 5 Diploma for Professional Management Coaches and Mentors

Advanced Coaching Programme

Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Level 7 Diploma for Professional Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentors

More on coaching

Further coaching courses are available on specific topics or as you build on your coaching techniques.

Career and Change Coaching

Embracing change

“There are three constants in life – change, choice and principles.”


Career coaching often starts when there has been an upheaval, such as redundancy. It’s a challenging time and the coaching focuses on building self-awareness – clients may feel a loss of identity and struggle to cope with no longer being part of a team – as well as identifying new opportunities.

Coaching for change takes a more organisation-led stance, focusing on managing change in markets, companies, in people and how they react to it. In both career and change coaching it’s important to understand the positive and negative aspects of change.

The benefits of coaching around change

  • The opportunity to ‘think out loud’ and discuss the impact of change
  • Time to explore new ideas and formulate plans
  • Resolution of specific issues
  • Greater self-awareness.