“Working with Keith Nelson/Your Total Coach was a great way to gain an insight into our editorial production process. With Keith working on a group exercise with us all, we were able to see where processes could be improved and new ways of working created. It was a great day and much enjoyed by all who participated.”

from Chris Young

Editor, RHS Media, Royal Horticultural Society

Consultancy services

Ask the experts

DiscussListenClarify. These are key to our consultation portfolio which embraces a range of services, from commercial business development and evaluating business strategy to finding the right companies to work with yours effectively in multi-agency partnerships.

The benefits of consultancy

  • A fresh, independent look at your business without any assumption of knowledge
  • Shared experience of working with other companies who may have faced similar issues
  • Solutions are offered but client retains ownership

More on coaching

Your Total Coach is able to deliver a variety of programmes all of which can be accredited. Further courses are available on specific topics or as you build your business.

Bespoke programmes

Tailored to your business

The opportunity here is to create a learning culture unique to your organisation and the needs of the individuals within it. The emphasis is on encouraging the individual to update their skills and manage their professional development – in other words to learn – rather than merely being handed information. Described as a shift ‘from training to learning’ (Reynolds, 2004), this approach gives organisations more flexibility to respond to changes in their markets.

The benefits of bespoke learning programmes

  • Work with individuals or groups
  • Help identify goals and support the formulation of personal development plans
  • Can be aligned to both the organisation’s business objectives and personal development needs
  • Can assist with behaviour change which requires a process of ongoing practice and feedback, working with a validated stage model of change
  • Help to promote individual self-awareness and self-management

More on bespoke programmes

We use a variety of personal profiling tools, such as 360 feedback and Emotional Intelligence.

Organisational Development

More on Organisational Development

Further courses are available on specific topics or as you build your business. We now offer several of our courses as distance learning packages, often taking a blended learning approach, combining online learning with face-to-face workshops. More learning options are being added all the time.