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Be the best boss, not the worst

It’s often said that people leave bosses, not their organisations. Reading through Executive Grapevine’s daily post today, there was a focus on ‘worst bosses’.

To be honest, I think there is a leadership journey towards excellence that all leaders are on.
Born or made? Who knows.
But I do believe that high quality executive coaching can make all the difference. I highlight four areas that leaders focus on to help them and their team(s) achieve their goals in way that boosts morale.
These are to (1) focus on outcomes, (2) focus on people, (3) create a great environment and (4) be your authentic best.
Through a trusting relationship with an effective, authentic and responsible coach, the leader can explore these themes dynamically, effectively and safely. After the coaching sessions, the leader can then step with greater positivity into the future.
Getting the best out of everyone in the team, in a dynamic inclusive manner, makes a real difference to each team member, to the team and to the business. It’s what I have always set out to achieve coaching leaders for the last 20 years. It’s people who enable performance, as good leaders instinctively know.