The right tool for the job

We have been using Emotional Intelligence as a profiling tool for more than twelve years and find it invaluable in helping clients as it provides them with feedback on how they are handling their work and lives on a day to day basis.

The good news is that it has recently been enhanced and I was lucky enough to be in the first group of UK practitioners to be accredited by Canadian test developers Multi-Health Systems Inc. I like the new version, EQ-I 2.0, because, as with the former model, it doesn’t label people but it does explore those subtle differences in how they function, particularly when an individual limit themselves through their behaviour with others.

When I conduct profiles using EQ-i 2.0 I find that everyone presents a range of differences in their scores. For example, their problem solving skills may be higher than their empathy for others. By raising awareness of this they are better able to understand themselves and make often slight but significant differences in their approach which helps them on their professional and personal journeys.

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